Sunday, September 12, 2010

Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins

I cannot even begin to tell you how difficult it is to write about this book without spoiling.  I am trying very hard to only tell you my feelings about the book and not what happens.

The end of a series is often bittersweet.  I have been waiting all summer to read this book, and many fans have been waiting much longer.  It’s been a wonderful journey through this series, and it’s always sad to see it end.    

What did I think of the book?  That is a difficult question because of the nature of The Hunger Games.  The story isn’t happy.  It has a lot of confusion and pain that I felt as a reader.  I do think it was a beautiful series.  I appreciate the growth Katniss went through in the series.  I think she developed a lot from the the little girl hunting in the woods that we met in the beginning.  I enjoyed how this book kept me guessing.  Suzanne Collins definitely took some risks and did not go in the direction of the expected.  Bravo.  Nothing is certain in Panem from page one of The Hunger Games all the way to the final page of Mockingjay.  Along with Katniss, the reader questions who to trust and what is right.  I liked that.  Real worlds do not have happy tied up endings with no questions.  I don’t feel like the book left me with so many questions that I was frustrated though.  There is an element of the unknown without the feeling of being cheated.  I think the best thing is that Mockingjay stayed tuned-in to the theme I found most important to The Hunger Games, the affect of the media and the nature of entertainment. 

Overall, I really enjoyed the series.  I really recommend it to everyone.  I think the characters are very real and the plot is both exciting and meaningful.  It’s a page turner for sure with some really beautiful moments.  If you haven’t, I think you should read the series.  If you have read the series and want a full account of the book (Spoilers included), I really recommend reading Malinda Lo’s blog about it here.  I think she says everything I felt about the book, the series, and the fan response to both.  You should also read her blog about Why I'm Team Katniss.

Please leave comments with your thoughts on the series and your feelings about the ending!

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