Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Harry Potter Adventure: Future for Harry?

As many of you know, Harry Potter author, JK Rowling, was interviewed on Oprah yesterday (October 1, 2010).  In the interview there was some hinting at the idea of writing more Harry Potter books.  I thought this would be an interesting topic for my Harry Potter Adventure blogs.
JK Rowling told Oprah that she feels she is done, but will not say that she won't write more.  My question is what would the possible new books be?  Personally, I feel that Harry Potter's story is complete.  I would not be particularly thrilled about another book about Harry.  Would I still read it?  Yes.  :)  I have some trepidation on the continuation of Harry Potter because I really believe the series is beautiful and complete, and I do not want it to continue to the point of not being as good as it is now.  But, honestly, I trust JK Rowling as an author.  I don't think she will do more books just for the paycheck(because we know she doesn't need the money).  I feel like if she writes more books it is because she has more story to tell.  She is a skilled writer and I will trust her no matter what she chooses to do at this point.

However, I would enjoy books about some of the other characters.  I am particularly interested in a Dumbledore story or the story of Lily and James Potter at Hogwarts.  I am a huge fan of back story so I love a good prequel.  I also think that Lily and James would give a pretty interesting story including Lily's relationship with Snape and James and the Marauders. 

What are your thoughts?
Would you like to read more Harry Potter books?
What would you like to see in future novels from JK Rowling?


  1. I think a prequel about Lily and James, etc would be great. Dumbledore too. Or a Voldemort prequel. Or maybe (this would be more lame) a continuation with the next generation - Harry's kids?

    JK is a great writer, so whatever she does, I'll probably read it.

  2. I don't feel like she's the type to write more about Harry and his family/friends because their stories ended with the seventh book. Everything is great and they're all happy. It would be interesting to see a prequel, and I think that's the way she might head if she writes more about this series. I heard she was writing an encyclopedia about the Harry Potter world, so I wonder if that's what she was referring too?

    She might just go with something entirely new. She said she knew she couldn't and wouldn't even try to top the HP series but I'd definitely read it no matter what :)